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  • Turning Winds Academic Institute

    Turning Winds Academic Institute is a premier, therapeutic boarding school located in Montana which provides services to qualified teenage boys and girls between the ages of 13-18 who are struggling in life.

    We aspire to deliver an experience so unique and powerful that it redefines programmatic excellence and therapeutic effectiveness for our industry, resulting in positive transformation for youth, families, and communities.

    The Turning Winds School is a catalyst for creating positive change through it’s effective “program track” that is designed to promote individual care and treatment. We specialize in providing superior treatment for the following presenting issues: low self-worth; lack of motivation; behavioral problems; poor academic performance ( ADD/ADHD diagnosis); substance abuse; various learning disabilities; as wells as working with teenagers who are struggling with attachment disorders because of adoption history.

    We believe that a foundation of “change” is realized through the application of our strength based model, The Five Pillars of Treatment which includes the teaching of character education and moral intelligence; the application of health & wellness; meaningful and experiential recreational/educational activities, an enhanced-therapeutic recovery program; and an opportunity to achieve academic dreams. Together, we can make a life changing difference in your child! Call now at 1-800-845-1380 to determine your child’s eligibility for placement into our effective, therapeutic school. You can also visit our website: Turning Winds Academic Institute for more information.

    Life at Turning Winds Academic Institute

    Turning Winds Academic Institute Videos