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Treehouse Recovery

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  • Silver Program for Poor Credit, No Credit, Click Here to Apply

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  • TREE HOUSE RECOVERY is the only treatment center that offers an EIGHT modality curriculum based on the latest science. We view the body and the brain as two interconnected biological systems. The mind and body must be repaired and brought back to a homeostatic balance to create a foundation for sustainable recovery. Each one of our modalities is purpose built to repair and strengthen the key areas of the mind and body essential to long term health. Because we believe that simply removing substances is not enough, we equip clients with the skills and knowledge needed to live lasting, healthy, and fulfilling lives. In addition to providing men with a solid foundation for sustainable recovery, we also provide them with leadership training so they have an edge on life.

    A Curriculum Based on Modern Science

    Our eight evidence-based modalities work in concert to create the most effective treatment available:

    • One on One Therapy
      Get help developing the skills and insights necessary to overcome addiction.
    • Addiction Education
      Understand addiction. A comprehensive understanding of addiction is essential in removing its power.
    • Literary Therapy
      Resolving trauma, big and small. Identify, process and resolve traumatic events with writing.
    • ABIT Experiential Therapy
      Our modern experiential therapy was created to repair, rebuild and strengthen the prefrontal cortex using team based exercises.
    • ESM Fitness Therapy
      Balance brain chemistry and get fit with purpose built holistic fitness therapy.
    • Process Group
      We are social beings. Process Group focuses on skills necessary to connect in recovery.
    • EP Yoga Therapy
      Master emotions and thinking with our hybrid of modern and ancient techniques.
    • Recovery-In-Action
      Take part in a triathlon, camping trip, or adventure race, to experience a fun healthy way of living that engages the world around us, creating a new understanding of what sobriety has to offer.

    Why We Are A Men Only Program:

    Men have unique biological, psychological, and social factors that need to be addressed in treatment. The brain is just beginning to heal in early sobriety. This phase is when men can be the most vulnerable to distractions. We give our clients a platform to focus solely on healing while they are in our care.

    Our clients empower, share with, and encourage each other every day of treatment, creating a sense of belonging that all men innately desire. The connections developed at Tree House give our clients the ability to truly heal. Building a strong peer support network with other men is essential to lasting recovery.

    Joint Commission Accredited

    Out of 14,500 addiction treatment centers in the country, only 1,900 are JCAHO accredited.

    This means that we are part of the 13% that have JCAHO. We have had this accreditation for 5 years, showing our commitment to maintaining the highest quality of substance care since we began.

    Tree House Locations:

    Southern California: 1901 Newport Blvd Suite 271, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    Portland, Oregon: 4713 N Albina Ave, Suite 301, Portland, OR 97217

    Phone: (888) 849-1366

    Visit our YouTube channel for more testimonials and treatment overviews:

    Treatment Innovators:

    Physical Empowerment Director Neil Trusso, US Navy SEAL (left) and Clinical Director Geoffrey Blaylock (Right).




    Yoga Studio:


    In Southern California, clients prepare for Navy SEAL adapted Surf Passage drills with their team.

    In Portland, clients perform MMA based therapy drills engaging their prefrontal cortex.