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Serenity Vista

Serenity Vista

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  • Our Mission
    Serenity Vista is a world-class luxury addiction rehab facility. The program is based upon reputable, proven methods of alcoholism and addiction recovery treatment. It provides a holistic, therapeutic approach including coaching, counselling, twelve step philosophy, group therapies, and recreational programs.

    Panama was carefully selected for Serenity Vista Holistic Drug Rehab. It is geographically centrally located to be accessible to North Americans and Europeans wanting to get away, to where privacy and confidentiality are certain. The magnificent mountainous region of Boquete offers a serene setting supportive of the recovery process.

    Serenity Vista is an affordable rehab option, and is dedicated to helping those seeking to embrace a new life of recovery after having lived with any form of addiction or relationship difficulty. Also welcome are loved ones, family members, adult children of alcoholics/addicts, codependents, or anyone in recovery wanting renewal, personal growth, or restoration of mind, body and spirit.

    The leadership and staff are committed to providing a comprehensive, quality, compassionate rehab experience. Our goal is to offer the means, hope and courage to discover, recover, and transform to those who want help. For more information, please visit us at:

    Our Philosophy
    Serenity Vista is a holistic, individualized approach to healthy living in recovery. We offer a highly professional, solution-focused, holistic wellness retreat for people affected by addition in any way, including those in recovery and family members or others struggling with codependency, such as adult children of alcoholics. Serenity Vista utilizes a uniquely integrated non-medical, non-institutional, twelve step, abstinence-based approach. The setting is home-like, on beautiful expansive grounds, where guests arrive clean and sober looking for help with staying sober and living life on life’s terms.

    From Our Clients

    "My stay at Serenity Vista was a life changing experience. I was treated with respect and dignity the entire time. The staff of caring and professional therapists were dedicated and focused on getting to know me and dealing on my core issues. Their holistic approach to healing me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually made for a well rounded treatment experience." - Rhonda from Georgia, USA

    "I have experienced the most incredible journey of my life. Along this journey I have traveled the past 42 days, I have faced fear, and found love, joy, acceptance, trust, forgiveness, and faith. As I continue down that road I will carry the knowledge I have gained." Shannon from San Antonia, Texas

    "In the past 6 weeks I’ve been challenged in ways I never imagined – but it was all worth it. You’ve given me the tools and support – Your belief in me has allowed me to grow into the woman I never believed I could be – I love myself now. And my journey doesn’t stop here. I now choose to be happy!" Jessie from Salt Lake City, Utah

    "A big old thank you goes out to this place of love. It has greatly helped and opened my once cloudy sight and thought. Everything I have learned here will be greatly useful tools in my renewed journey of recovery. I will always have a place in my heart for all I have met and shared so much of life with. Once again, thank you. Love always!" Shawn from Palm Desert, California

    Serenity Vista in Beautiful Panama