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  • About Sober College - Growth and Development

    Sober College is dedicated to treating addiction. We help young adults recover from addiction in our licensed treatment centers, and we train addiction professionals across the country through our comprehensive training program.

    Treatment for Young Adults
    Sober College drug rehab centers was founded by Mindi Levins-Pfeifer, LCSW and Robert Pfeifer, MSW in 2006. They saw a need for specialized treatment for young adults 18 to 25 years of age that allowed residents to gain college and high school credit while in treatment. Sober College drug rehab centers remained on the fore-front of addiction treatment by treating the addicted brain research with their Five Core Competency Model to help hundreds of young adults recover. Offering college class, a music recording studio, film and broadcast studio, extramural sports and experiential therapies are just some of the ways that Sober College has redefined rehab.

    College and Rehab
    Seeing that putting their lives on hold was a deterrent for many young adults and their families from getting the help that they need, Sober College partnered with Woodbury University in 2011 and become the only treatment center that offers on-site WASC accredited college courses to clients so they can earn college credit and do not have to put their lives on hold. While Sober College always saw the benefit of education and learning for those in early recovery, the partnership with Woodbury University made Sober College truly “college and rehab under one roof.”

    Training for Professionals
    While growing and running several men’s and women’s treatment programs, again, Robert & Mindi saw a need. This time it was for qualified and capable addiction professionals to treat addiction as it should be treated, from a brain-perspective. With the experience of working in the field themselves and running a treatment center, the knowledge of what works and in collaboration with a number of working Addiction Professionals and Educators, the Sober College School of Addiction Studies was founded in 2015. Either online or in-class, SCSAS helps those interested in entering the field of Addiction Treatment get the education and certifications they need.

    Accessible and Comprehensive
    Having offered counselor training since 2011, Sober College was able to see what was being taught, how it was being taught and where it could improve. Expensive, long-term education options made it difficult for working professionals, who want to expand there expertise or who need to work while in school, to reach their goals and grow in the addiction treatment industry. By offering online and in-class options and a training curriculum developed by real-world addiction treatment professionals Sober College made education accessible to anyone who wanted it.

    Delivering Cutting-Edge Treatment and Education. Always.
    Sober College continues to grow and adapt to the changing needs of young adults as well as addiction treatment as a whole. A well-rounded approach that considers those they are serving is what continues to place Sober College above other companies like it. Mindi & Robert are dedicated to continuing to serve all that they can with the best treatments and education available.

    For more information, please give us a call at: 877.979.4373 or reach us on the web at:

    Pictures of Our Facility

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