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Serenity Gardens Rehab

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  • Serenity Gardens

    Serenity Gardens residential treatment program is designed with your individual needs in mind. We offer individualized substance abuse treatment in a comfortable home-like setting providing treatment for four clients. Our staff to client ratio ensures we are able to make the most of your treatment experience. During your stay at Serenity Gardens you will participate in groups that will explore addiction, participate in individual sessions with your addiction counselor and therapist, as well as develop useful skills vital for relapse prevention and ongoing success in recovery. Our therapist and addiction counselor meet with each client to create an aftercare plan that will meet the needs of the client and prepare them for transitioning into the community prior to completion.

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    Serenity Gardens Offers Specialized Treatment and Alternative Programs

    We understand that clients are receptive to different treatment models, which is why we offer both traditional and non-traditional recovery based treatment on your individual needs. Some of the classes that you will explore while in treatment include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Relapse Prevention. Our program also integrates holistic practices into our schedule, with classes that include: Yoga/Meditation, Art Therapy, Mindfulness practices, and more. We offer 12 Step education and participation for those who prefer to use a traditional approach to recovery, as well as Refuge Recovery

    Long Term Sobriety Starts Here

    In order for us to facilitate a long lasting recovery for our clients, we have to plan a path with long term sobriety support. Serenity Gardens works together with other inpatient facilities, outpatient programs, and other providers in order to provide our clients options for continuing treatment and support after their stay with us. Our therapist and addiction counselor begin planning for long term recovery support immediately and involve continuing treatment planning in meetings throughout their stay. Many different options for continuing care exist for professionals, those able to take time off, and those seeking new living accommodations. Our continuing care plan will include optional check ins from our staff and in some cases can include continuation meetings with our therapists.

    Please call now for any questions you may have1-888-598-9876

    Serenity Gardens Program Services and Programs:

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    • Detox
    • Inpatient Treatment
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy
    • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
    • Yoga/Mindfulness classes
    • Art Therapy
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Group Therapy and Counseling
    • Individual Therapy and Counseling
    • Family Education
    • Small Group Size of 4 or less
    • Personal Training and Fitness Program
    • Life Skills Classes

    Serenity Gardens Program Philosophy

    Our mission is to provide individuals in need with a safe and comfortable place to address their recovery where we provide quality care and well being in an environment that is compassionate and supportive for ongoing healing.
    • Client Care: We value the importance of treating every client with the highest level of respect, compassion, and understanding possible.
    • Quality Treatment: We value the importance of providing every client with top notch care and services provided by our hand-picked exceptional and expert team of staff members.
    • Education: We value the importance of gaining new knowledge and understanding, which is why we equip each of our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them live successfully in their recovery.
    • Diversity: We value and embrace all diversities among clients that make them unique. We also value the importance of employing a diverse group of staff members to give our clients an array of knowledge and insight.
    • Client Growth: We value the importance of helping clients achieve their highest level of personal growth and empowerment in order to become their best selves.

    Address: 5830 Cohasset Way San Jose CA 95123
    Phone: (888) 598-9876

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    Serenity Gardens

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