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Recovery Solutions

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  • Substance Use & Mental Health Treatment

    Above all, we are therapeutically focused. We achieve this at our rehabilitation center by intentionally remaining small so we can focus on each individual's needs, their family system, and the environment in which they live.
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    Our Mission

    To provide excellence in therapeutic services using Day Treatment and Outpatient programs to individuals with Substance Use Disorders, Addictive Disorders and Dual diagnosed individuals in order to assist in developing and internalizing a recovery identity.

    Our Philosophy

    At Recovery Solutions Of Central Florida, we are a group of professionals who have dedicated our lives to helping and healing others. We have witnessed the horrors of addiction and recovery from it. We have found that our purpose was to dedicate ourselves to others who have experienced the devastation of addiction and reach out and foster healing and to uplift our fellow brothers and sisters who are struggling with all sorts of life challenges. We are travelers on the road of life. We have found the way out and we are here to share with you and your loved ones the way to reach freedom and success. We Are Your Recovery Solution.

    Our Vision

    Recovery Solutions of Central Florida believes in each individual's resiliency. With encouragement, support, and guidance, this resiliency can be tapped into and utilized to establish a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for any and all who choose to incorporate change. We believe we can be an instrument leading this transformation.

    Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Programs

    Recovery from addiction is a process, and each participant progresses at their own pace. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida offers treatment programs for participants with co-occurring disorders that meet them where they are and provide the level of care and support they need. A personal treatment plan is developed to address their specific addiction and mental health concerns; this may encompass any number of programs, therapies and resources depending on each individual's needs. From residential treatment programs to outpatient programs, Recovery Solutions offers services that support recovery and resiliency, giving participants hope for the future. Read more to learn how we have become one of the top addiction treatment centers.

    Safe, Therapeutic Treatment Center for Men and Women

    Treatment for substance abuse can be demanding, but Recovery Solutions offers a peaceful, serene and safe recovery environment. The residential treatment program offers housing for men and women as they focus on their recovery. While participating in the partial hospitalization program or in some cases, the intensive outpatient program, guests can relax in a comfortable residence with 24/7 supervision to promote healing and reduce the risk of relapse. While in treatment, participants can connect with nature and enjoy the beautiful Lake County, Florida setting as they fish, kayak and engage in other indoor and outdoor activities during free time.

    In addition, Recovery Solutions provides transportation to and from the Orlando airport, as well as to doctor appointments, detoxification centers, recreational activities, daily 12 step meetings, food shopping and other outings.

    Family Support Program

    Our Family program is a big part of our success. Families play an important role in the mental health and addiction recovery process. Families are often impacted by the effects of substance abuse and mental health issues. The family has also been traumatized by the crisis caused by mental health and addiction episodes. Through education and therapy groups, families become more familiar with the effects of addiction and mental health concerns and the family's role in recovery.

    Weekly updates are provided, with consent from the participant, to keep families informed of their loved one's progress and upcoming events. Families are invited to attend family therapy sessions, weekly family support group meetings, quarterly family weekends, educational seminars and workshops, and family process groups. Through these programs, they learn more about topics such as healthy detachment, codependency, enabling and creating healthy support systems. In addition, they can work through family issues and challenges that have developed because of addictions and mental health issues to promote healing for the family system.

    Partial Hospitalization Program – PHP

    Participants who require more intensive support during their recovery may enter the partial hospitalization program. Here they will receive treatment six hours per day for up to six days per week. This allows guests to truly focus on their recovery, work through challenges they are facing, and build the skills necessary to create healthier routines and coping strategies. Treatment consists of a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, and mental health and addiction education and life skills groups. Each participant's treatment plan is based upon his or her individual needs and goals. In addition, all participants in PHP whether for addiction or if there are mental health concerns, a psychiatric evaluation will take place and we provide support to manage symptoms and medication.

    Intensive Outpatient Program

    Depending on an individual's needs, they may be a suitable fit for either a day or evening intensive outpatient program. This can be an effective way of transitioning to a lower level of care for participants in the partial hospitalization program as well. Individual therapy sessions are provided to address specific challenges in recovery and to enhance confidence, self-esteem and coping strategies to support continued progress and independence.

    Guests also participate in a variety of addiction education and life skills groups that help them to develop a stronger foundation for recovery so they are more prepared to handle situations they will face in the future. Psychiatric and medication management referrals are made for our intensive outpatient participants.

    Outpatient Program

    Similar to the intensive outpatient program, this program can serve as another step down in level of service. It is also open to local community members who need treatment to address substance abuse and mental health challenges and support ongoing recovery. Outpatient individual sessions or groups focus on deepening recovery skills and understanding of addiction.

    Mental Health Treatment

    Recovery Solutions recognizes that mental health disorders may exist in conjunction with substance abuse or separately. Licensed doctors and therapists are available to work with individuals to treat depression and anxiety as well the effects of abuse or trauma. Counseling can also support guests in working through family, marital or professional conflicts that may affect their quality of life and well-being. Individuals do not need to have a co-occurring disorder to participate in mental health treatment services.

    Christian-Based Recovery Program

    Spirituality can be an important component of recovery for participants. For those who hold Christian beliefs, spirituality-based individual and group sessions are available to address these needs and way of life. Each morning consists of time to reflect, study the Bible and read daily devotionals. There are opportunities to attend Christian church services and celebrate recovery and faith based activities. In addition, the Beatitudes are incorporated into the 12-step philosophies for deeper healing and connection. Some guests choose to form their own study group to connect with others and strengthen their understanding of the role of spirituality and faith in recovery.

    Our Home

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