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  • About Future Now Detox

    Future Now is a detoxification center located in Palm Beach, Florida. Our experienced, passionate staff specialize in providing holistic, personalized care in helping patients detox from drug and alcohol addiction.

    At Future Now, we make the detox experience comfortable and painless by providing each client with the VIP treatment they deserve. We treat each and every one of our patients with compassion and respect, and we have a proven track record helping patients recover from a wide variety of addictive substances and mental health issues.

    The most difficult phase of recovery is detox, and that's why we're excited to bring our specialized detox program directly to you. Our passion at Future Now is to provide you with maximum comfort, help you holistically manage pain and fatigue, and provide you with every available tool to achieve lifetime transformation.

    What is NAD Therapy?

    NAD Infusion Therapy offers an exciting new holistic approach to treating chemical dependency, emotional disorders and other chronic health conditions. NAD treatment helps to alleviate the physical and emotional symptoms of alcoholism, addiction, chronic stress, depression and anxiety.

    For drug addiction, it helps people avoid the painful agonies of withdrawal without the need for prescription medication. In just a few days, It helps to dramatically reduces the length of withdrawal symptoms, improves cognitive thinking and increases mental clarity.

    NAD IV Infusion Therapy helps to diminish the symptoms of chemical dependency, emotional disorders and chronic stress by nourishing cells, resetting the body's metabolism and restoring brain function back to a functional state of balance.

    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic co-enzyme that is charged with the important job of regulating metabolism and structuring, repairing, and remodeling every cell in the body. These specialized enzymes are a natural process of cellular respiration that help to regulate cellular energy and the bodies metabolic clock.

    Lack of this essential cellular fuel is now recognized as a key feature of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, weak immune system (infections and cancer), muscle pain and weakness, headaches, memory disturbance, sleep problems, focus and concentration defects and other chronic diseases.

    Intravenous infusions of NAD help to reverse chronic NAD Deficiencies caused by chemical dependency, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic stress.

    For more information, give us a call at: 866-419-3899. You can also visit us on the web at:


    Hello, I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing Jacob D to come to detox and for all you and the staff's help during his stay. His family and me and our baby on the way also appreciate it very much. God bless you and thanks again. - Jennifer G.

    I completed a 10 day NAD therapy program and felt amazing. My family and friends could see the difference. I looked and felt younger, like a new man. They have a great family atmosphere and the owner genuinely cares about the facility and the patient. I highly recommend! - Matthew S.