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Emerald Neuro-Recover

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  • About Us

    Overcoming addictions, dealing with anxiety, and managing depression or chronic pain are extremely challenging experiences for women and men of all ages. At Emerald Neuro-Recover, a wellness and addiction treatment center in Carmel, Indiana, the medical team understands each patient's unique needs while undergoing treatment for a variety of conditions. They take a patient-focused, multidisciplinary approach to health, wellness, and long-term addiction recovery.

    This exceptional medical team is under Dr. John Humiston, Chief Medical Advisor at Emerald Neuro-Recover. Dr. Humiston specializes in improving each patient's quality of life through his United States Naval medical training and expertise, along with his experience in practicing alternative medical therapies.

    In addition to Dr. Humiston, the clinic's medical director, Dr. CJ Pabla, also takes a comprehensive approach to wellness and recovery. Dr. Pabla combines conventional medicine with alternative therapeutic methods that take each patient's individual needs into careful consideration, so he can create plans to help patients achieve their own personal best healthy lifestyle.

    Along with the physicians, Jennifer Dalrymple, RN is the Nursing Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Manager at Emerald Neuro-Recover. After more than 10 years as a registered nurse, Ms. Dalrymple brings her vast experience as a flight nurse as well as her expertise in emergency room care and intensive care to the practice. Through her work with patients in addiction recovery at Emerald Neuro-Recover, Ms. Dalrymple continues to be inspired by their strength, courage, and dedication. She witnesses first-hand the restoration of lives and hopes for patients and their families through this unique program.

    Together, this compassionate, professional, cutting-edge medical team offers treatments and strategies for conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue and chronic pain, neurodegenerative disorders, substance abuse, and many other physical and emotional conditions that interfere with achieving the best quality of health and wellness.


    For more information, please give us a call at: 317-268-8964. You can also visit us on the web at: