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Bridgeway Institute

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  • Who We Are

    Bridgeway Institute, A Premier NAD Clinic, is an outpatient medical center that offers an innovative approach to conquering your addiction. Because health begins at a CELLULAR level, we approach healing at the CELLULAR level. By providing a holistic integration of IV nutrients, counseling, and lifestyle support we position you to bridge YOUR way to freedom.

    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, abbreviated NAD, is a co-enzyme (nutrient) found in all living cells. NAD is responsible for over 100 metabolic functions, including the production of ATP (cellular energy), within the body. Stressors naturally depletes the body of this life restoring nutrient. Individuals who suffer from addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency, and unhealthily relationships are continually exposing themselves to high levels of stress. Because of the important functions of NAD, supplemental therapies are necessary to restore the body’s optimal amount.

    Our leading-edge Cellular Detox has proven effective in:

    • Detoxing at the cellular level
    • Minimizing withdrawal symptoms
    • Minimizing the length of time someone suffers from withdrawal
    • Elimination of cravings associated with drugs of choice
    • Elimination of muscle tension and pain due to cellular toxicity levels
    • Promoting an increase in cognitive awareness
    • Boosting energy, focus and mental clarity

    Approaches/modalities that may be utilized:

    • NAD IV Therapy
    • Nutritional IV Infusions
    • IV Light Therapy
    • Infrared Sauna
    • mHBOT
    • Counseling
    • Continual Care Support

    For more information, please give us a call at: (850) 471-8550, or visit us on the web at:

    Intravenous Administration of Nicotinamide Adenine Donucleotide Significantly Reduces Self Report Craving Ratings Associated with Opiate and Alcohol Withdrawal


    Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders continues to challenge clinicians and "cravings" for the abused substance are often impediments to sobriety. Nicotinamide Adenine Donucleotide (NAD) has been used in the past with claims of having anti-craving properties. Previous data from this clinic using a simliar formulation of NAD support the use of NAD as a valid treatment for drug cravings. This pilot study retrospectively examined the anti-craving properties of NAD in a group of 60 patients. Additionally, patients were assessed on severity of cravings and replapse episodes at 12-20 months post treatment.


    The patients are males and females with addictions to primarily opiates or alcohol (N-60). Six patients were omitted due to incomplete data. The treatment Brain Restoration Plus (BR+)™ comprised of IV infusions of NAD and variable PRN medications for an average of 10 consecutive days ranging from 5 to 10 hours daily at a dosage rate 0f 500mg-1500mgs each day. Self-reported craving ratings (0-10 scale) were collected on Day 1 (before starting treatment), Day 5, and Day 10 (last day of treatment). Followup phone surveys were conducted from 12-20 months post treatment (N=27). Patients reported severity of cravings (1-5) and number of relapse episodes at the present time.


    NAD study NAD study 2 NAD study 3 NAD Study 4


    • NAD is an effective detox treatment for alcohol and opiate addicts as evidenced by a significant reduction in craving ratings
    • NAD was effective in reducing and maintaining the number of relapse episodes, as well as severity of drug cravings.
    • NAD shows potential as a long-term therapy in maintaining sobriety through minimizing drug cravings and preventing relapse.


    Thank you to Springfield Wellness Center for providing patient data. Thank you to William Carey University for providing a Professional Development Grant in support of this project.