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The Synapse System

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  • The Program

    Synapse, LLC is an Intensive Outpatient Program for substance use and co-occurring disorders. With separate tracks for adolescents, adults, and boomers, The Synapse System is based on the latest findings from the neuroscience of addiction and employs the most advanced technology and medications available for clinical use. In total, the program requires approximately a 12 hour commitment on-site, split between group and individual activities.


    Synapse, LLC and The Synapse SystemTM is based upon The Brain Health Model of Care (BHMC). The BHMC recognizes that cognitive impairment accompanies many of the problems for which individuals seek medical/behavioral health services. Given variable levels of cognitive impairment, patients will show variable ability to learn the skills needed for behavioral, emotional and spiritual change and ongoing recovery. Therefore, the BHMC places primary importance on remediating cognitive function to create a neuropsychological foundation upon which skills and abilities can be built to achieve the goals of treatment. A brain health model of care strives for a healthy brain upon which programs of recovery and long-term remission can be built.

    The Synapse System

    • Cognitive Remediation
    • Mindfulness Training
    • Problem Solving Therapy
    • Individual Therapy
    • Group Therapy
    • Family Therapy
    • Critical Thinking
    • 12-Step Facilitation
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
    • Medication Assisted Therapy
    • Neurofeedback Training
    • Biofeedback Training
    • Yoga Classes

    Assessment and Therapy

    The Synapse System is an integration of evidence based and evidence informed components for the assessment and treatment of substance use and co-occurring disorders. The integration is governed by a Neurobehavioral Point of View (NeuroPOV). The NeuroPOV provides a lens through which human behavior can be understood in terms of the interplay between emotion, cognition, and behavior within a social context. To this end, the first week of the program is devoted to a thorough assessment of cognitive, personality, emotional, and behavioral function with the most up-to-date assessment instruments available.

    “For humans, it is a primary need to be socially integrated.”

    Substance use disorders occur within a social context. “Therefore, an effective treatment for substance use disorders should facilitate human relations and connectedness with others.At Synapse, patients find connectedness with both staff and other patients as all “trudge the road of Happy Destiny.”


    Sonali Bora, M.D. – Director of Medical Services
    Janet Cox, Ph.D. – Chief Executive Officer
    Neal Cohen, Psy.D. – Director of Clinical Services
    William Hufschmidt - Synapse Yogi

    Synapse services are provided by clinicians meeting the highest standards of training available. In addition, the Synapse staff to patient ratio allows for a personalized approach to clinical care that is beyond comparison.


    Located in the Zen-like ambiance of The Fountains at Piedmont Center in Buckhead, Synapse services are provided in a modern, tasteful, and comfortable environment conducive for both learning and healing. All services are provided on-site in a Wi-Fi enabled office suite that houses room for individual, group, and family therapy, as well as a computer lab, a testing room and a yoga studio.


    Please visit us at for more information. You may also call us at 404.848.9333 or email to:

    Our Facility

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