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Sante Center for Healing

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  • Sante Center for Healing's Program

    Partner for the Journey: Addiction to Recovery
    It takes courage to seek treatment for the baffling, often-overwhelming disease of addiction. Only a mixture of boldness and vulnerability can resurrect hope; hope that life can and will be better and that it is possible for individuals and families to regain vigor and vitality and find health and healing. If you are one of these individuals, we admire you for taking the first step. Please know - you do not have to do this alone. It’s important to trust in the expertise, the compassion and the commitment of the professionals you are choosing to guide you on your journey to recovery. All of us at Santé Center for Healing believe your decision is one of the most important of your life, as addiction is a deadly disease. We will work daily to gain and reinforce your trust.

    Patient-Centered, Internationally Renowned Continuum of Care
    For 20 years Santé Center for Healing’s medical and clinical staff has worked individually with adult patients (18 years of age and older) to identify and address their core, trauma-level issues (often complicated by a dual-diagnosis). These core issues are often the root problem resulting in substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, process/behavioral addictions including sex addiction, compulsive behaviors, co-occurring psychiatric disorders, and professional and safety-sensitive issues. Santé’s comprehensive assessments establish the appropriate level of care, whether it is Santé’s medical detox, residential program, intensive outpatient, transitional living, outpatient clinical services and ongoing aftercare/alumni support.

    In all levels of care:

    • an individualized treatment plan is developed and evolves,
    • an integrative treatment model is utilized,
    • progress milestones are gauged by individual goals achieved (not merely days in care),
    • services are received in an intimate, therapeutic, serene and supportive environment,
    • families receive necessary education and empowerment for the life-affirming possibilities found in long-term recovery.

    And the foundation for it all is Santé’s integrity. We are still owned by the same families who founded Santé, professionals who wanted a place where decisions were based on what was best for the patient and not solely what was best for the company as they had experienced elsewhere. For two decades Santé’s patients have found themselves surrounded by ethical, professional and compassionate staff who simply will not give up on them.

    Call Now
    Santé Center for Healing understands that there are many challenges on the road to recovery, including deciphering a best course of action. It’s important that interested individuals and family members speak to a qualified clinician – like Santé’s masters level Intake and Admissions Counselors – rather than a call center. Addiction has no script, and neither should those to whom you reach out. Santé’s Intake and Admissions Counselors are knowledgeable about addiction, the specifics of Santé’s clinical program and the steps necessary to reduce barriers to treatment. Their goal is to help individuals and families identify the next best steps. Then if Santé services intersect with the individual’s needs, they strive to make the admission process as smooth as possible for the patient, family and referring professional.

    Santé Center for Healing provides numerous, individualized options to the financial costs associated with life-saving treatment, such as: accepting in-network insurance with major carriers, accessing out of network benefits, working with behavioral health finance companies and creating individualized payment plans unique to each patient and their family.

    More information about finances, Santé’s continuum of services, and our internationally renowned programs can be accessed by calling our Intake and Admissions Counselors at 800-258-4250 or 940-464-7222; Santé’s Intake clinicians are personal, professional and compassionate and will walk alongside you on this journey towards recovery. Call today and start to see for yourself how 20 years of miracles have made Santé the choice for effective treatment through quality care. You can also visit us on the web at:

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