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Riverbank House

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  • Program Description

    WELCOME HOME to Riverbank House, a revolutionary option for men seeking real recovery from addiction and self-destruction. Located in the beautiful Lakes Region of Central New England, Riverbank House is not an institutional drug rehab facility. Our unique and affordable neighborhood concept offers the most effective, science-based, spiritually-grounded residential recovery program in the Northeast.

    At Riverbank House, we’ll help you rekindle the will to live! You’ll make friends to last a lifetime and gain a wealth of new experiences that will out-compete old, intrusive memories that can lead to relapse. At Riverbank House you’ll find the long-term recovery support recommended by experts, intensive clinical outpatient services at our River Wellness Center, our science-based SOLO NO MORE activities program, and vital guidance as you rediscover your enthusiasm for a life lived with clarity and purpose. Together, we’ll help you develop the spiritual, emotional, and physical practices essential to a full life of vibrant, sustainable recovery from addiction.

    Whether you are new to recovery or re-committing yourself to the journey, Riverbank House offers you a safe haven, a place to settle in as you give yourself the gift of time. While Riverbank House does accommodate a small number of 28-day residents, our program is founded upon the long-term, extended care rehab model endorsed by addiction specialists and supported by research findings. Length of stay is the single greatest predictor of success in overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol.

    Our Mission Statement

    A quality residential experience, resident collaboration, and a holistic approach to wellness provide members of Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community with guidance and structure as together participants establish and develop the essential practices – spiritual, emotional, and physical – necessary for a full life of vibrant, sustainable recovery, free from addiction and self-destruction.

    Our Philosophy

    Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community recognizes that freedom from addiction and self-destruction requires life-long commitment and vigilance. While our program is founded upon the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, we honor the many-pathways-to-recovery approach endorsed by experts. We stay mindful of our recovery through exploration into the principles of Buddhism; the daily practice of meditation and Yoga; a community code of non-aggression, collaboration, accountability, and mutual respect; self-reflection; and the pursuit of constructive passions.

    Our Four Guiding Principles

    1. Effective Addiction Treatment Requires Long-Term Care
    2. Responsible Recovery Care Addresses the Brain Impairments that Can Hinder Success
    3. Responsible Addiction Treatment Promotes Many Pathways to Recovery
    4. Successful Recovery Requires Practice within a Safe Community

    Our SOLO NO MORE Program

    Discovering new passions and purpose is one cornerstone of the Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community philosophy. SOLO NO MORE activities challenge and stimulate the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – while helping us to fill and reclaim the time we had so willingly forfeited in our old life of drug-seeking behavior. Riverbank’s full schedule of adventure is specifically designed to reduce the anxiety, isolation, and excruciating boredom that often threaten early recovery as we heal from the very real physical, neurological, psychological, and soul-deep damage inflicted by addiction and self-destructive behavior.

    SOLO NO MORE activities retrain our brain, body, and spirit – helping us to realize a wellspring of inner motivation, enthusiasm, and personal accomplishment far better than any false reward we sought in substance misuse and reckless behavior. Join us as we paddle board, hike, ski, fish, kayak, bike, bongo, swim, climb, waterski, camp, and bodysurf our way to sustained recovery!

    Our Recovery Neighborhood

    Riverbank House offers eight different residential properties; a riverside park with gazebo and patios; a professional yoga studio; a fully equipped commercial fitness center; Karma Café with recovery-to-work options; a rec center with pool table, arcade games, ping pong and air hockey; a woodworking shop; rooftop decks; a private outdoor courtyard with inground pool, fireplace, hot tub, theatre, kitchen, living room and fire pit; Pine Island on Lake Winnipesaukee with beach, volleyball, and boating; a riverside dry dock with kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards; a treehouse featured on NPR; Kona, our faithful canine companion; a quaint downtown with coffee shops, public library, and 12-step meetings just a few blocks from our neighborhood; and much more.

    We accept most major insurances.

    Riverbank House
    96 Church Street
    Laconia, NH 03246

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