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Pasadena Recovery Center

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  • Pasadena Recovery Center

    Our Mission
    Pasadena Recovery Center is a State Licensed, 98-bed, drug and alcohol treatment facility located in the heart of the Pasadena Community. Our organization is committed to saving lives and rebuilding families.

    Pasadena Recovery Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to all chemically dependent people who enter our doors. The basic treatment philosophy is the twelve-step approach and our program integrates treatment of chronic substance use with the spiritual, mental, and physical recovery necessary to be a productive member of society.

    Our Commitment
    Pasadena Recovery Center has assembled a team of highly skilled, licensed, and certified specialists who are committed to the total care and treatment of our clients’ rehabilitation needs and the needs of family members. Our team of professionals currently includes: physicians, psychologists, and drug counselors. Pasadena Recovery Center is licensed by the State of California Drug and Alcohol Programs.

    Our Goal
    Our goal is to reintroduce sober individuals into society with the job and social skills necessary to lead meaningful and productive lives.

    For more information please give us a call at: 866.817.0204, or visit us on the web at:

    Pasadena Recovery Center Alumni Ryan Hampton kicked-off his national tour to highlight communities hit hardest by the addiction crisis at our center this past summer. Hampton started his widely acclaimed #AddictionXAmerica project where it all began for him in the fall of 2014 as a client. During this first episode, Hampton documents the disparity of treatment resources available and has a candid discussion with PRC's owner & operator Mike Bloom about some of the challenges facing the treatment industry.


    Our Facility

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