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Lakehouse Recovery

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  • Lake House Recovery Center of Thousand Oaks, California, successfully integrates affordability within the scope of advanced and highly successful drug addiction & alcoholism treatment protocols!

    Advanced Treatment... Combining the latest medical & clinical treatment services within the scope of time-tested protocols as well as many years of formal and practical expertise among all our staff

    Comfort and Elegance... Lake House Recovery Center's high rate of long-term success is attributable to many specific elements, one of which has to do with our unique comforts, amenities and proactive environment

    Geared for Success... A successful treatment plan is unique to each individual...we care much more about YOU more than we care about being just another one-size-fits-all type of treatment center!

    "I have spent much of my adult life committed to helping those caught in the grip of addiction and alcoholism. We have created an approach that offers a higher level of care and a higher level of success, while at the same time avoiding the often exorbitant cost we see charged in today's higher-end drug rehabs & treatment centers. I invite you to visit us at learn much more about why Lake House Recovery Center has become widely accepted as a treatment leader throughout Southern California" --- STUART BIRNBAUM (Executive Director)

    For more information about Lakeside Recovery, please give us a call at: 877.762.3707, or visit us on the web at:

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