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About My Treatment Lender

My Treatment Lender is a subsidiary of Pacific Healthcare Solutions.

My Treatment Lender is the only recovery-based lending company in the country. We provide loans to people who are in need of behavioral health, substance abuse and/or eating disorder treatment. We can help clients cover the cost of co-pays, high deductibles, or their entire stay.

Our motto is "Where Recovery Comes First." We put our clients and their recovery first before any financial considerations or anything else for that matter. The staff is all in recovery and our goal is to get as many people into recovery as possible.

We believe that people don't have to suffer from mental health issues, alcoholism, drug addiction or eating disorders. There is a solution. By providing loans for treatment, we hope to be able to give people who want to recover the best chance possible.

Adlai Rust
My Treatment Lender
Toll-Free: (800) 440-4616

Adlai Rust